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Enjoy extraordinary relaxation.
Various saunas with different temperatures and fragrances are those things which you need to complete a good relaxation. Just choose the right one.


Finnish sauna                                                 15:30     17:30     19:30
Steam sauna                                         14:30                       18:30
Bio sauna                                   14:00                16:30           
Meditation program   11:00

*Change of sauna ceremonials is reserved.

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 Sauna ◦C Humidity Recommended time in sauna
 Finnish sauna 80 – 90 ◦C 15 - 30% 10 – 15 min.
 Herbal sauna 55 – 65 ◦C 50 – 60% 10 – 15 min.
 Infra sauna 40 – 55 ◦C 10% 15 – 20 min.
 Steam sauna 40 – 50 ◦C 100% 15 min.

Special creams and peelings

  • The touch of honey
  • Cream yogurt – grapes
  • Cream yogurt – chocolate, orange
  • Cream yogurt – cocoa
  • Peeling with sea salt, various fragrances

There are the following attractions which are parts of Wellness:

  • Cooling bath
  • Kneipp bath
  • Kneipp dry path walk
  • Feet hydromassage
  • Icefall
  • Tumble showers
In the Sauna world 18+ there je a multi-seat whirlpool bath which thanks to its gentle massage sensitively affects your body and releases a muscle tension and a psychological stress. Thanks to its beneficial effects it provides you with a regeneration and prevention against diseases. Water temperature is 35 – 37 ◦C, it is recommended to stay there up to 15 – 20 minutes.

Sauna programs

Finnish sauna

Sauna ceremonials are led by an experienced sauna master who gradually increases humidity in the air and temperature in the sauna.
During sauna ceremonials you can experience
  • Watering hot stones with an aromatic essence mixture
  • Steam shoot with a towel or a veil
  • Swirling of hot air with a help of a towel
  • Peeling with salt
  • Skin rejuvenation with honey
  • Skin smoothing with yogurt
  • Peeling with ice crushed

Steam sauna

How do the program run ?
  • First the guest has a shower and enters the sauna without the cover.
  • Prior to entering the sauna the guest has got a bowl with cream, honey or sea algae prepared.
  • After 2 – 3 minutes of sauna procedure there begins the whole-body suphiding.
  • During the next cca 10 minutes the program in Steam sauna continues with relaxation and meditation,...
  • After that in the sauna there begins a program – shower 1 minute during which  the guest gets cleansed from the cream
Steam sauna programs
  • Chocolate therapy
  • Detoxification program
  • The touch of honey
  • Cream yogurt – grapes
  • Cream yogurt – chocolate, orange
  • Cream yogurt –  cocoa
  • Peeling with sea algae  with various scents

Herbal sauna

Relaxation program at the Herbal sauna

Tibetan bowls

A strong harmonizing sound gets inside every cell of your body and has got a debugging effect. The vibration of Tibetan bowl unusually effectively straightens and harmonizes not only your cells, neurons and whole tissues in human body, but balances felling and emotions as well.

Program runs under the guidance of an experience of sauna master.

Duration of the program is usually 10 – 12 minutes.

Sauna etiquette

  • When you enter the sauna you have to respect its written and unwritten rules.
  • To keep a pleasant atmosphere in sauna you have to keep quiet.
  • Necessary equipment: at least 2 towels (one for sitting, another for drying yourself after having a shower).
  • Enter the sauna quickly to prevent it from getting cold.
  • Pull your legs forward if there is enough space there. For beginners it is necessary to lie on their backs with legs raised up. Occasionally, you can move to a lower or higher level.
  • Hot air usually rises up and therefore the temperature is higher at areas where walls are connected to the ceiling. In case if you do not feel well you should immediately to the place where you would feel better. Therefore, it is not considered an assault if you touch anybody.
  • After leaving the sauna first you should cool yourself with air, wait a moment and have a shower afterwards.
  • Between single stays in the sauna do not forget to rest at least for 15 minutes.

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