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Thermal ŠÍRAVA is the only tourist place at Zemplín which can be proud of its geothermal water. This water had been used by our ancestors in the 18th century for spa industry.


The heart of Thermal ŠÍRAVA is its geothermal well GTH-1 which depth is 940 metres. The geothermal water originates from the environment of watered limestones and dolomite breccia and according to analyses it is balneo-therapeutic and it is from 6 to 10 thousand years old.

Due to painstaking comparison of this geothermal water from the well situated in Slovak village Kaluža together with waters originating from wells at Sobrance spa (in past they were well-known and very popular spa), it is evident that they have almost identical consistence.

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Chemical consistence of water from well GTH-1

Item Value
Nitrates NO3 mg.l-1 <2,0
Nitrates NO2 mg.l-1 <0,01
Fluorides F- mg.l-1  2,0
Ammonium iones NH4+ mg.l-1 mg.l-1  8,51
Reaction of water pH  6,59
Sulphates SO42- mg.l-1  1200,0
Conductivity  mS.m-1  1490,0
Sodium Na+ mg.l-1  3904,0
Magnesium Mg mg.l-1 146,0 
Calcium Ca2+ mg.l-1 303,0

Prior to bathing in this geothermal water, please, carefully read and keep rules depicted at pictograms situated near the pool.


Aqua world at Thermal ŠÍRAVA consists of four indoor pools (relaxation, massage, wave pools and a pool for children) and four outdoor pools (two thermal pools, massage and relaxation pool). Indoor and outdoor pools consist of water and air nozzles as well as massage nozzles.
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 Pool Location Depth Temperature
  Relaxation pool Indoors 1,1 – 1,3 m  28 -33 °C
 Massage pool Indoors 1,2 – 1,25 m 36 °C
 Wave pool Indoors  0,01 – 1,75 m  28 -32 °C
 Pool for children Indoors 0,15 – 0,30 m   32 °C
 Thermal pools Outdoors  1,10 m  36 °C
 Massage pool Outdoors  0,90 m 32 °C
 Pool for rest Outdoors  1,20 m 28 -32 °C

Effects of massage nozzles and hydromassage:

  • Relief of tension and stress
  • Relief of pain in muscles and joints 
  • Improvement of flexibility and vitality
  • Strengthening of muscles
  • Relief of muscle and tendon stiffness
  • Activation of blood circulation and circulation of lymph 
  • Help when burning fat
  • Improvement  of skin blood circulation
  • Improvement  of limbs blood circulation
  • Improvement  of detoxification of the body
  • Activation of skin receptors 
  • Soothing the body 

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